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Life history of silver perch Bairdiella chrysoura (Lacepede 1803) in north-central Gulf of Mexico estuaries.
In addition, populations of the orangemouth corvina, bairdiella, and sargo declined to the point where gillnet surveys conducted by personnel of the California Department of Fish and Game have failed to capture any individuals since May 2003 (S.
Population dynamics, distribution, and growth rate of tilapia (Oreochromis mossambicus) in the Salton Sea, California, with notes on bairdiella (Bairdiella icistia) and orangemouth corvina (Cynoscion xanthulus).
Common name Scientific Total name catch Total fish 2,562 Atlantic Micropogonias 1,124 croaker undulatus Red drum Sciaenops 440 ocellatus Darter goby Ctenogobius 245 boleosoma Naked goby Gobiosoma 245 bosc Bay anchovy Anchoa 109 mitchilli Black drum Pogonias 108 cromis Silver perch Bairdiella 104 chrysoura Pinfish Lagodon 33 rhomboides Bay whiff Citharichthys 30 spilopterus Skilletfish Gobiesox 28 strumosus Green goby Microgobius 25 thalassinus Blackcheek Symphurus 15 tonguefish plagiusa Southern Menticirrhus 12 kingfish americanus Spotted Cynoscion 11 seatrout nebulosus Striped Mugil 9 mullet cephalus Ladyfish Elops saurus 4 Shrimp eel Ophichthus 4 gomesii Pipefish Syngnathus 4 spp.
KEYWORDS: sand ridge, food habits, Bairdiella chrysoura, Cynoscion regalis, Micropogonias undulatus
In order to compare differences in diet between habitat types along the transect and maintain a statistically viable sample size for each species, three dominant sciaenids captured during 2006 were selected; Bairdiella chrysoura, Cynoscion regalis, and Micropogonias undulatus (Vasslides 2007).
The diet of Bairdiella chrysoura was dominated by mysids, decapod shrimp, and fish, with slight differences between habitats.
Analysis of sound production in estuarine fish aggregations of Pogonias cromis, Bairdiella chrysoura, and Cynoscion neubulosus (Sciaenidae).
Validation of daily increment formation in the otoliths of juvenile silver perch, Bairdiella chryosura.
13) 141 (17) Peprilus triacanthus (*) -- -- Urophycis regia [dagger] -- -- Stenotomus chrysops (*) -- -- Cynoscion regalis [dagger] -- -- Prionotus evolans [dagger] -- -- Menticirrhus saxatilis [dagger] -- -- Centropristis striattrs [dagger] -- -- Micropogonias undulatus [dagger] -- -- Bairdiella chrysoura [dagger] -- -- Hippocampus erectus [dagger] -- -- Merluccius bilinearis [dagger] -- -- Assemblage Near-ridge Species CPUE Size Syngnathus Fuscus [dagger] 0.
Fishes made up a greater proportion of the catch during the dry season and juvenile sheepshead Archosargus probatocephalus, silver perch Bairdiella chrysoura, and pinfish Lagodon rhomboides were collected only during dry months.
penaeid shrimp 10 20 23 Petrolisthes armatus green porcelain crab 44 238 549 Portunas gibbesii iridescent swimming crab 1 0 0 Fishes Anarchopterus criniger fringed pipefish 0 1 0 Archosargus probatocephalus sheepshead 0 1 0 Bairdiella chrysoura silver perch 0 0 13 Bathygobius soporator frillfin goby 1 11 2 Chasmodes saburrae Florida blenny 0 5 6 Cyprinodon variegatus sheepshead minnow 0 0 1 Eucinostomus sp.
Mud crab Penaeidae Commercial shrimp Petrolisthes armatus Green porcelain crab Portunas gibbesii Iridescent swimming crab Fishes Archosargus probatocephalus Sheepshead Bairdiella chrysoura Silver perch Bathygobius soporator Frillfin goby Chasmodes saburrae Florida blenny Cyprinodon variegatus Sheepshead minnow Eucinostomus sp.
X Rhomboplites aurorubens X Sparidae Lagodon rhomboides Lrho X Sciaenidae Bairdiella chrysura X Cynoscion nothus X Cynoscion regalis X Larimus fasciatus X Leiostomus xanthurus Lxan X Menticirrhus americanus Mame X Micropogonias undulatus Mund X Pogonias cromis X Sciaenops ocellatus X Pomacentridae Abudefduf sp.