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The estrous cycle, reproduction, growth, and development of temperature regulation in the pygmy mouse, Baiomys taylori.
We compared the Chapala material with taxa closely related systematically, biogeographically, and chronologically, such as Copemys, Postcopemys, Peromyscus, Abelmoschomys, Prosigmodon, Bensonomys, Lindsayimys, Baiomys, and Reithrodontomys (Appendix 3).
There were 470 captures of six small mammal species: Baiomys taylori (n = 191), Sigmodon hispidus (n = 159), Peromyscus maniculatus (n = 72), Reithrodontomys fulvescens (n = 41), Chaetodipus hispidus (n = 3) and Mus musculus (n = 4).
Jellisonia ironsi is closely associated with species of the genus Baiomys (Traub et al.
Here, I report the first occurrence of Baiomys taylori taylori in Louisiana.
2008) y siete endemicas de Mesoamerica: tres del orden Chiroptera (Carollia subrufa, Carollia sowelli y Artibeus toltecus) y cuatro del orden Rodentia (Sciurus aureogaster, Baiomys musculus, Peromyscus mexicanus y Liomys pictus) (Lorenzo et al.
Results showed that rodent assemblages in dense ungrazed grasslands were dominated by species in the family Cricetidae, especially in the genera Baiomys (pygmy mice), Reithrodontomys (harvest mice) and Sigmodon (cotton rats).
During October 2007, wild rodents of 5 species were collected from coastal Chiapas, Mexico: Baiomys musculus (southern pygmy mouse), Liomys salvini (Salvins spiny pocket mouse), Oligoryzomys fulvescens (fulvus pygmy rice rat), Oryzomys couesi (Coues' rice rat) and Sigmodon hispidus (hispid cotton rat).
Effect of removal of Sigmodon hispidus on microhabitat utilization by Baiomys taylori and Reithrodontomys fulvescens.
Baiomys musculus pallidus--Localities 4, 11a, 12a, 13, 14b, 20, 21, and 26a.
maniculatus en el volcan Popocatepetl (Barrera 1968); Baiomys taylori (Thomas, 1887), B.
Rodent species Habitat type GLPD GL December April December April Baiomys taylori -- -- 25 1 Dipodomys merriami -- 1 2 -- Dipodomys ordii -- -- -- -- Dipodomys spectabilis -- -- 3 2 Neotoma albigula -- -- 2 -- Onychomys leucogaster 9 -- 6 -- Peromyscus leucopus -- -- -- -- Peromyscus maniculatus -- -- 9 (3) -- Perognathus flavus 4 1 5 -- Reithrodontomys megalotis -- -- -- -- Sigmodon hispidus -- -- -- -- Overall prevalence (%) 0 0 5.
leachii, Enchistenes hartii), tres carnivoros (Leopardus wiedii, Puma concolor, Mustela frenala), un perisodactilo (Tapirus bairdii) y ocho roedores (Orthogeomys granais, Baiomys musculus, Oryzomys couesi, Peromyscus melanophrys, Peromyscus mexicanus, Reithrodontomys sumichrasti, Tylomys nudicaudatus, Coendou mexicanus), por lo que el continuar realizando estudios en la zona permitira corroborar la presencia de estas especies, las cuales fueron registradas en su mayoria por registros en Colecciones Nacionales y Extranjeras y publicaciones.
Petersen (1975) concluded that 98 double captures (9 triple) of Mexican desert rodents, primarily Baiomys taylori (northern pygmy mice) and Reithwdontomys megalotis (western harvest mice) occurred because of social bonding and high densities.
Further extension of the range of the northern pygmy mouse, Baiomys taylori, in southwestern Oklahoma.