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79) Eracles' account is more plausible; Alice may have come to realize that under Philip's bailliage her lines of patronage were restricted, and she had become politically emasculated.
This was so common that people apparently had a special name for this function of the royal prison, as in 1785 when the son of a blacksmith presented the court with his request that he be freed from the bailliage "matrimonial prison.
Continental Airlines is the official carrier of the Confrerie de la Chaine des Rotisseurs, Bailliage des Etats-Unis, the premier International Food and Wine Society, established in 1248 during the reign of French King Louis IX.
In the bailliage of Chalons-surSaone, the order of avocats seems until 1787 to have been almost exclusively religious: Delbeke, L 'Action Politique et Sociale des Avocats, p.
In the mid-1620s, for example, the mairie successfully fought off the bailliage of Dijon's claims that its officials, rather than municipal magistrates, should publicly invest mayors with their symbols of office.
Bataillon, Les justices seigneuriales du bailliage de Pontoise a la fin de l'Ancien regime (Paris, 1942); P.
Philip Dawson thinks(1) it may have been Claude-Francois Roux de Raze, lieutenant-general of the bailliage of Vesoul, who seems to have spoken only once in the entire proceedings of the National Assembly apart from this moment; but who had already denounced venality to the third estate assembly which had elected him.