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a temporary bridge designed for rapid construction

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11 ( ANI ): Relief and rehabilitation work in Uttarakhand's Uttarkashi region, which was recently hit by a cloud burst is progressing along expected lines, with the army having cleared a route from Uttarkashi to Gangotri, to allow small vehicles and loaded trucks to carry parts of the portable Bailey Bridge to connect sites still cut off by flooding.
Tenders are invited for Launching of two Number Double Single Bailey Bridges over Nallah Rambiara at Batapora Shopian
Foster Company, Interlocking Deck Systems International and Bailey Bridges Inc.
Bailey bridges were used in the allied advance during the Second World War to transport troops, artillery and tanks across fallen bridges through Germany.
Catherine and 40 Bailey bridges in other parts of the island, reports CANA (December 18, 1999):
Bailey bridges are usually only built in wartime to span gaps where permanent bridges have been destroyed or where none existed.
Tenders are invited for Civil Works Involving Foundation And Approach Road For 21 Nos - Bailey Bridges (Phase-Iii) At Different Locations Of Kalahandi, Koraput Keonjhar District In The State Of Odisha
Tenders are invited for Erection / Launching & 2 years maintenance of Bailey Bridges in various locations of Rural Works Division of Sambalpur, Kuchinda, Sundargarh & Rourkela Odisha.
Limited Tenders are invited for Erection Launching And 2 Years Maintenance Of Bailey Bridges In Various Locations Of Rural Works Division Of Sambalpur Kuchinda Sundargarh And Rourkela Odisha