Bailey bridge

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a temporary bridge designed for rapid construction

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The Bailey bridge is strong enough to carry tanks, yet light enough to be assembled without the use of heavy tools and machinery.
Joseph said, "We will continue to pursue a Bailey bridge but we have to find the most economical way of getting that road opened.
The bailey bridge, which links the market roof top and Barracks car parks, is being taken down on Friday, July 19.
The Mabey Logistic Support Bridge (LSB) is seen as the successor to the ageing Bailey Bridge units, which are no longer adequate to accommodate the increased load and width requirements of today's combat vehicles.
Uncle Bob's Self Storage[R], a national self storage provider, announced today the opening of the company's newest property located at 3830 North Bailey Bridge Rd.
Tenders are invited for Manufacturing, fabricating, supplying, erection of portable steel bailey bridge of different type along with antiskid steel decking, bearings of appropriate type etc (complete item) as per specification mentioned in dnit and direction of the engineer-in-charge including supply of design & drawing for civil work, supervision of civil work.
The bailey bridge was installed by the Border Road Organisation ( BRO).
The previous Bailey bridge linked two military camps at Tonfannau but was dismantled after the camps shut in the 1960s.
It was Scottish owned and produced railway equipment such as steel lines, cast iron line chairs, steel sleepers, nuts, bolts, and dog spikes and Bailey Bridge parts.
1 (ANI): The Army handed over the reconstructed Bailey bridge to authorities in Delhi on Friday.
Joseph said, "The bridge is not very long" and he asked Highway Superintendent Daniel Gion to look into the possibility of obtaining a Bailey Bridge as a temporary solution.
A 90m long three span Bailey Bridge was installed over the canal and the adjacent railway for the duration of the project.
The capabilities of the fixed-bridge module include determining the load classification of existing bridges, estimating the need for and extent of repair to existing bridges, and calculating the materials required for new bridges, specifically the Bailey bridge, the Mabey-Johnson (Compact 200) bridge, and timber-trestle bridges.
A MAGNIFICENT 180-foot Bailey bridge was opened yesterday in Dublin in preparation for the welcome return of the spectacular Tall Ships Race later this month.
We are in the process of constructing a bailey bridge at Badrinath and at Kedarnath.