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remove (water) from a boat by dipping and throwing over the side

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Shareholders of both banks believe they have been left out of pocket by the bail-outs at the peak of the crisis.
The Fortis and Dexia bail-outs in Belgium, and the Irish government's plan to guarantee the deposits of six Irish banks, will also have to be checked and cleared by Brussels.
The scale of the crisis raises the real prospect of Greece leaving the eurozone - possibly with further bail-outs for Athens involving all 27 member states.
Countries that could no longer finance their debt on the financial markets would do so through EU-led bail-outs.
investors to bear a share of the burden in future bail-outs of countries in
However it called on the Commission to closely monitor other bail-outs.
Reflecting the seriousness of the bail-out, Jean-Claude Trichet, the European Central Bank president, attended the negotiations in Brussels.
PRIME Minister David Cameron yesterday vowed to remain "eternally vigilant in all matters European" after heading off a big British bill for a second EU bail-out for Greece.
A U-TURN by the French government on key conditions of bail-out loans for its auto manufacturers averted a possible crisis at Sunday's European Union (EU) recession summit in Brussels.
AS an American student living in Cardiff, I have a lot to say about recent UK articles criticising the US House of Representatives for not passing the EUR700bn bail-out.
Treasury Secretary Larry Summers, admits, "[A]gainst the background of the official rhetoric of 'no more bail-outs' and not having the taxes of American 'carpenters and plumbers' pay for the bail-out of poorly performing emerging market economies, the reality of the new political and strategic interest of the United States and the other G7 countries has emerged.
DAVID Cameron has ruled out Britain contributing any more to the European bail-out of Greece.
Announcing the bail-out on Sunday, Prime Minister Cowen appealed for public solidarity.
We do not need a bail-out but we do need the Government to keep its current commitments, to avoid diverting funds to sectors with much lower prospects of success - and return on investment - and to maintain its level of support for exports and investment in research and technology.
FEARS of a need for a fresh bail-out of British banks emerged today after governments around the world were forced into further rescue moves.