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remove (water) from a boat by dipping and throwing over the side

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But Downing Street insisted any funding to stabilise Greece during the process of leaving the eurozone should be for the eurozone countries alone - just like bail-outs for those inside the single currency bloc.
Countries that could no longer finance their debt on the financial markets would do so through EU-led bail-outs.
The committee also recommended that banks' retail and investment arms should be broken up to avoid future bail-outs.
Republicans are expected to make big gains after a voter backlash against Obama's health reforms, unemployment and bank bail-outs.
8billion losses in 2008 - and receiving two American government bail-outs totalling pounds 27billion.
It is the latest blow to the beleaguered firm, which needed nearly $70 billion in government bail-outs to stay afloat after the subprime mortgage crisis.
CHANCELLOR Alistair Darling welcomed reports the International Monetary Fund is calling for two new taxes on the banks to pay for future bail-outs.
CHANCELLOR Alistair Darling has welcomed reports that the International Monetary Fund is calling for two new taxes on the banks to pay for future bail-outs.
Banks played a large role in causing the economic crisis and they should do more than just pay back taxpayers' bail-outs," he said.
The credit agency Fitch said the laws could reduce the dependence on state bail-outs.
5 percent of Lloyds, and all of Northern Rock - after billions of pounds of taxpayer bail-outs.
The agency also said taxpayers could be left with a long-term pounds 40 billion loss on bank bail-outs following the crisis - less than the pounds 50 billion estimate in April's Budget.
The figures reflect dwindling tax receipts following Britain's worst economic downturn in decades as well as the cost of bank bail-outs and higher spending on social security benefits.
Summary: LONDON - Government bail-outs of the worldAEs big banks pose a threat to free trade, Pascal Lamy, head of the World Trade Organisation (WTO), told the Financial Times newspaper in an interview on Monday.
MELTDOWN: A FREE-MARKET LOOK AT WHY THE STOCK MARKET COLLAPSED, THE ECONOMY, TANKED, AND GOVERNMENT BAILOUTS WILL MAKE THINGS WORSE presents the real issues behind the collapse, pinpointing Washington attitudes, politics, and decision-making processes likely to be made worse by federal bail-outs.