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someone who pursues fugitives or criminals for whom a reward is offered

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a hunter who kills predatory wild animals in order to collect a bounty

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Those who can't afford to pay their bail have the option of either staying in jail or using a bail agent, who will charge a nonrefundable fee--usually 10 percent of their bail--to post a bond and bail them out.
The bail agent enters into a contract with the defendant (and the family members/friends) who must co-sign on the bond, which states that the defendant, upon release, promises to make all court appearances until the court legally declares that the case has concluded.
2) Bail agent Lupe Zamora walks outside the Twin Towers Correctional Facilty in Los Angeles on New Year's Day.
But we don't do that," says one San Francisco bail agent.
There are also more bail agents ready to travel to jails to assist family members.
Surety Bail Specialists General Agency, LLC prides itself on signing quality bail agent representatives and maintaining a knowledgeable team, thereby providing unparalleled support to the commercial bail industry.
Colorado statutes require that courts order the Department of Insurance to suspend the ability of bail agents and insurance companies to post bail bonds if they fail to pay forfeitures when the judgments are due.
Poindexter Surety Services, a national bail bond surety managing general agency, announces the roll-out of its new bail agent portal.
First National Bail Bond Brand Begins Changing Misperception of Bail Bondsmen Emphasizing Quality and Professionalism Through Its National Network of Agents and Comprehensive Bail Agent Search Site
Bail agent Raymond Negrete was still out cruising Wednesday morning, as well.
ATLANTA -- Omnilink announced today its new partnership with the Professional Bail Agents of the United States, the country's largest national bail agent association.
An additional perk Big Bang Bail Bonds will offer clients is a Spanish speaking licensed bail agent.
Defendants who are released on secured bond, utilizing the services of a commercial bail agent, are much more likely to make all court dates through the disposition of their case.
According to Linda Braswell, the organization's National President and a bail agent herself out of Stuart, Florida, "We are thrilled to have Dog as our featured speaker, not only is he dynamic on stage, but he has shown why the role of the bail agent is essential.
Since its founding in 1981, PBUS and its alliance with state associations have advanced the profession through legislative advocacy, professional networking, continuing education, support of bail agent certification, enhanced liability insurance and development of a code of ethics.