bounty hunter

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someone who pursues fugitives or criminals for whom a reward is offered

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a hunter who kills predatory wild animals in order to collect a bounty

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And Richard Leforge, a private bail enforcement officer, said not being able to use the armor would put his colleagues and security guards at risk.
Only now they travel in big cars, wear bulletproof vests and feel the need to have Bail Enforcement Agent emblazoned in gold on their anoraks.
L-1 also provides fingerprinting and background check services for security guards, private investigators, watch guard and patrol, armored car carrier, armored car guards, coin processors and bail enforcement agents as required by the New York Department of State, Division of Licensing Services in collaboration with the Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS).
After years of touring as a bodyguard for rock-n-roll bands such as Kid Rock, Ratt, and Bret Michaels of Poison, whom he also starred with on VH1's "Rock of Love," Big John takes his own show on the road to Salt Lake City to learn the ropes of the bail enforcement business.
The majority of Republicans are conservative - there isn't a Rockefeller Republican among them, except for possibly Colin Powell," Liddy said Saturday at the annual convention of an organization of modern-day bounty hunters, formally called the National Association of Bail Enforcement Agents.
PepperBall Technologies supplies thousands of users and major agencies including the Federal Bureau of Prisons, the United States Border Patrol, thousands of police and sheriff departments in major United States cities, as well as private entities, security services and bail enforcement agencies around the world.