Lake Baikal

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the largest freshwater lake in Asia or Europe and the deepest lake in the world

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You can also choose from other itineraries and activities, such as dog- sledding at Baikal lake.
Summary: Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has taken a submarine tour of the famous Baikal lake.
Little or nothing is said about how the Russians established their toehold on the Amur; the Russian's and Manchu's delicate relations with Mongol tribes in Mongolia and around the Baikal Lake region; the preoccupation of the Manchu's with their penetration of China and establishment of the Qing Dynasty; why the Kangxi Emperor could not deal with northern frontier problems until he had successfully quelled the San Fan Rebellion in south-central China; why Kangxi decided to peacefully negotiate the Russians out of Priamur in the Nerchinsk Treaty rather than drive them out with armed force -- the list goes on.
They are located in the Okinski district of the Buriatia Republic, 150 km west of Baikal lake and 100 km east of Orlik, the administrative center of this district.