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As a kid I used to wake up on Friday mornings and demand a real Bahraini breakfast, which consists of baidh o tomat and balaleet (a sweet saffron vermicelli) served with a cup of chai o haleeb (tea with milk).
In August, 1993 as a sign to the heightening tension, Al Baidh refused to go to Sana'a in protest of the assassinations.
Baidh said that "Attacking al Qaeda as a pretext is an attempt to win international support for the massacres in the south and to garner aid from international parties concerned with fighting terrorism.
Aden-based 14 October daily published for the first time since the end of the civil war in 1994, an article on the former Yemen vice-president Ali Saleh Al Baidh, inciting his supporters to hold rallies calling for "the independence of the former South Yemen state".
Baidh called on Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh on the advent of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan "to return (the region) to calm during Ramadan so as not to violate this holiest of months.
The strike on Lawdar is an attempt to gain international support," said Ali Salem Al Baidh, former president of the south, in a statement from his exile in Germany yesterday.
On Tuesday Baidh appealed to the international community to protect southerners "from the massacre committed against southerners in general and Daleh inhabitants specifically," in a statement
Ex South Yemeni President Baidh Accuses Saleh of War Crimes
It is impossible for him to return and rule," Saleh said in an obvious reference to the Yemeni secessionist leader Ali Salem Al Baidh.
to condemn these ugly crimes and to pressure this murderous and criminal regime to stop killing civilians and the innocent," said Baidh, who lives in Germany.
to weaken him physically and to destroy the house around those inside it," Baidh, who lives in Germany, said in an emailed statement.
Exiled Ex-South Yemeni President Baidh Says Unity Failed
We will not retreat from the aim of realizing our second independence, whatever the sacrifices are and however long it takes," Baidh said in the speech, emailed to Reuters.