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Synonyms for Bahrain

an island in the Persian Gulf

an island country in the Persian Gulf off the coast of Saudi Arabia

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According to the JI Swat media cell JI has announced for union council Aba khil the newly elected councilor Haji Rahmat Ali and for thesil Bahrayn from union council newly elected councilor Habibullah Saqib.
Master, it is claimed that the shaykhs of Abu Dabi And Bahrayn and Ra's al-Khayma are concealing tails thinner than the tail of a mouse And when they bow down to the shah Their tails stick out a bit from beneath their robes.
The ten communal dialects of Djerba and the eleven of Bahrayn are noted with pinpoint accuracy (p.
6) Guzida, 607; Hafiz Abru, Dhayl-i Jami al-tawarikh Rashidi (Tehran: Chapkhanah-i ilmi, 1317/1938), 121-22; Mirkhwand, Ta rikh-i rawdat al-safa (Tehran: Payruz, 1960), 5:511; Abd al-Razzaq al-Samarqandi, Matla sa dayn wa-majma bahrayn, ed.
Jawzi devotes most of this section to the "Communist Republic of Bahrayn," founded by Abu Sa id al-Jannabi, and spread under his son, Abu Tahir Sulayman, famous (or infamous) for sacking the Ka ba, removing the Black Stone, and committing atrocities against the residents of Makka and the pilgrims to the holy city.