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a native or inhabitant of Bahrain

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Marking Bahraini Women's Day, which is celebrated on December 1, a line-up of TV and radio programmes were presented round the clock to shed light on the unrelenting work and enormous contributions of Bahraini women to building and developing the nation.
The Bahraini regime is assaulting the women and children (in prisons) to forces them cooperate with the regime's spy service to identify the revolutionary movements and their members," Seyed Yahya al-Hossein, member of Bahrain's Islamic Amal Party, told FNA on Tuesday.
Now, why not make this contract 100pc Bahraini drivers?
Upon his visit to the family of Zreiqat, The Bahraini minister, was accompanied by Minister of Education and Acting Minister of Interior Mohammad Thneibat, the director of the Gendarmerie Department and the acting director of the Public Security Department.
After announcing the appointment shortly of a Tunisia's new ambassador in Bahrain instead of the current charge d'affaires, Hamdi called the Bahraini authorities to open the way for Tunisian competences as part of technical co-operation.
Shaikh Khalid said the current subsidised rates do not differentiate between Bahrainis and non-Bahrainis, or households and companies.
Under Bahraini law, the public sector must advertise for work openings in the local media before ads are placed in other countries.
Rumors surfaced following an article posted on news websites on behalf of Bahrain's Information Minister, Samira Rajab, stating that Majida did indeed receive the Bahraini passport.
Tamkeen and the Kingdom's 2030 strategic imperative - promote Bahraini nationals to be the preferred employees of the private sector.
Subsequently the English language dominated the management system and the Bahraini social life.
We have to hire unqualified Bahrainis so that we are able to hire qualified expatriates," said one retailer.
BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: The Iraqi Foreign Ministry announced today that the Iraqi government rejected permissions to an assistance vessel to leave for Bahrain, because the organizers had not obtained approval from the Bahraini government.
Bahraini King Hamad bin Issa al-Khalifa announced in a televised address on Thursday that extremists had exploited "freedoms" to manipulate the Bahraini people to sabotage the livelihood and unity of the nation, the pan-Arab daily ASHARQ AL AWSAT reported on Friday.
Baghdad (NINA) -- Head of the Iraqi National Conference, Ahmed Chalabi, discussed at his office in Baghdad the recent developments on the Bahraini arena with the Bahraini opposition leader, Abdul Raouf Al Shayeb, a statement issued by Chalabi's office mentioned Sunday.
on the Bahraini people to comply with their leadership's call for dialogue so