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the basic unit of money in Bahrain

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To offset the liquidity outflow that had taken place after the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers, the CBB instituted a new swap facility that permitted banks to exchange US dollar for Bahrain dinar without a penalty fee.
The current Bahrain dinar to pound exchange rate has been more favourable than in recent years and has allowed us to close the gap between teachers' pay rates in the UK and those offered by the school.
If they think the value of SR is lower than the Bahrain dinar why not accept it and change to its equivalent?
The court ruled the revocation of their Bahrain citizenship and the payment of 1,544 Bahrain dinars (Dh14,704.
Mahmood added, "The 21 floor Burooj residence project located in Amwaj Islands and the 28 floor 'Ivory Tower' located in Juffair , both consist of reception halls as well as many state-of-the-art amenities like swimming pools, gardens, gyms, recreational facilities , latest cutting edge elevators and parking lots costing a total of 14 million Bahrain Dinars.
The Committee also granted 150 Bahraini dinars for the Diploma of post-graduate studies, 200 Bahrain dinars for Master's Degree, and 300 Bahraini dinars for a doctoral degree.
Under the renewed agreement, mutual clients of the two organisations can now settle their American Express bills in both US dollars and Bahrain dinars online, using BBK's Internet retail banking channel, reported the Gulf Daily News, our sister publication.
770 Bahrain Dinars One Million Eight Hundred Twenty Five Thousand and Nine Hundred Twelve and 770/1000 Fils Only.
Some of the steps include the formation of an independent body, the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry (BICI) tasked with investigating human rights abuses during the unrest from both sides, and the government's decision to abide by the recommendations of the BICI, which included the reorganization of the security forces, providing a forum for national dialogue, reinstating dismissed workers who had been sacked as a result of the unrest, establishing a compensation fund for victims which has to date paid out thousands of Bahrain dinars.
The initial cost of delivering the project, has been estimated at 25 million Bahrain Dinars (US$66.
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