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an island in the Persian Gulf

an island country in the Persian Gulf off the coast of Saudi Arabia

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Economic policies aimed at restoring confidence in Bahrain's economy, such as the suspension of an expatriate labor tax and frequent bailouts of Gulf Air, are being followed, while issues of youth unemployment and the growth of government debt make its long-term economic challenges formidable.
We will share Bahrain's stories, messages from people and the identity of our country with the global community.
All long-term deposit, issuer, and senior unsecured debt ratings for the four Bahraini banks carry negative outlooks, aligned with the negative outlook on Bahrain's Baa3 rating.
He added that, We will work closely with the BIC to continue to further boost Bahrain's economy and sustain the success of the motorsports sector globally.
Touching on Bahrain's political situation he comments, " We believe in consultation to reach a consensus.
Bahrain's Membership in International Organizations
Bahrain's Fatma Janahi (1,049) rounded off the top three, much to the joy of a full-house home crowd and a proud team coach Abdullatif al-Dalhan.
To legitimize this intervention, Bahrain's Ministry of Human Rights invoked the 1989 Law of Societies that regulates NGOs.
Our currently open hotels in Bahrain, the Marriott Executive Apartments and The Ritz-Carlton, have been tremendously successful, and we believe that this JW Marriott Manama is ideally located for a luxury hotel in Bahrain's commercial and financial center," said Ed Fuller, president and managing director of International Lodging for Marriott International.
This is a real possibility because while Bahrain's mainstream opposition has legitimate concerns that revolve around jobs, housing and representation in security forces, its more radical elements are being encouraged and financed by the religious centers of Qom in Iran.
The UAE reiterated its historical and lasting solidarity with Bahrain's leadership and the people for the good of Bahrain, progress and prosperity.
Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu held a press conference with Bahrain's Foreign Minister Sheikh Khalid bin Ahmed Al-Khalifa in Manama.
Bahrain's Foreign Minister Sheikh Khaled bin Ahmed Al Khalifa was visiting Tehran earlier this week.
Bringing over 10 years of experience in Bahrain's tourism industry to the role.
The Conrad Bahrain, will be located in one of Bahrain's most luxurious developments, the newly-built Reef Island off Bahrain's capital city Manama and will feature 250 guest rooms and 50 apartments.