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As Bahia recalls, creating a male trajectory for do Campo's history was, in part, an attempt to challenge the frequent interpretation of art by female artists as "feminine.
Under the slogan 'From Bahia to Palestine, we thirst for justice" campaigners joined the annual march for water rights that took place on World Water Day (March 22) organized by the Union of Water, Sewage and Environmental Workers in the State of Bahia and partner organizations.
Bahia said that was because a relative had smoked a joint earlier in the day.
Just like with Bahia, it will be all about service and quality.
Receiving this fully-loaded Q-flex vessel at our Bahia Regasification terminal is an important milestone as it increases our capacity to receive larger LNG ships in Brazil.
Though scholars have catalogued and analysed uses of palm oil in Afro-Brazilian religions and foodways, and despite the oil's prominence in global markets, scholarship on the palms, people and landscapes that produce the oil in Bahia remains rare and generally ahistorical.
He says, “In Bahia, we did so many amazing things
And the Bahia of our story is uncannily similar to the Bahia in folklore who was once rich and happy.
La Bahia de Cartagena esta ubicada en el noroeste de Suramerica, en el Mar Caribe.
Brazil's Living Museum: Race, Reform, and Tradition in Bahia, by Anadelia A.
Striking police officers gesture in a line in front of the legislature of Brazil's Bahia province in Salvador Feb.
NNA - 10/07/2011 'MP Bahia Hariri owes me an apology' Telecommunications' Minister, Nicholas Sehnaoui announced today with reference to Bahia's speech at the Parliament last Thursday.
Summary: ABU DHABI - With rapidly growing population of Abu Dhabi Island, the Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council (UPC) has unveiled the urban structure framework plan for Shahama and Bahia regions on Tuesday to accommodate around 50,000 people in coming two decades.