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the dialect of Malay used as the national language of the Republic of Indonesia or of Malaysia

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Kekerabatan bahasa Makassar dialek Lakiung dengan dialek Selayar.
The visitors can also get the videos on " MoFutbol You Tube Channel " , available both in English and Bahasa Indonesia.
html) which is available in English, Arabic, Bahasa Malaysian and Turkish.
At Jiwa Spa, or 'soul' in Bahasa Indonesia, the luxury resort has launched Just On Juice, a seven-day personalised experience that harnesses the benefits of the island's home-grown fruits.
1988a Buuk totongaron tolu nobaasa: Buku frasa tiga bahasa [A tri-lingual phrase book: Sungai (Labuk-Sugut)-Bahasa Malaysia-English], Series A, No.
Work is in progress to add Thai (Thailand), Tagalog (Philippines), and Bahasa (Indonesia), with the help of the respective embassies in the Sultanate," Al Azri added.
It aims to promote and increase the interest in the Bahasa language and culture of Indonesia among young people.
It is currently available in 6 languages including Arabic; American and UK English, Hindi and Bahasa Malaysian.
It also offers a bachelor of ministry programme in conjunction with the Malaysia Bible Seminary, a programme started in 2008 in the Bahasa Malaysia language, and in collaboration with ATTI, Batu Balang, Indonesia.
KARACHI -- The Consulate General of Indonesia in Karachi opened the "Kursus Bahasa Indonesia" or the Indonesian language Course for the people of Karachi .
On promoting economic and trade relations between Pakistan and Thailand Mr Manoch Puttal said that though English served as a good medium of communication Pakistanis could benefit more by acquiring working knowledge of the Bahasa language which was the lingua franca in South East Asia.
The majority speak Spanish, but the district also has students who speak Russian, Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, Arabic, Italian, Punjabi, Bahasa and Gujarati.
Languages: Portuguese, Tetum (official languages); English, Bahasa Indonesia (working languages).
There are lists of recommended restaurants, ideas of what to do and where to go when it's raining, action adventure tour ideas, A list of common phrases or sayings in Bahasa Indonesia is included and other interesting facts and figures about Bali.