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CCA Bahamas remains fully committed to seeing the Baha Mar project through to 100% completion, so that the resort can achieve its true purpose: providing thousands of high-quality jobs to the Bahamian people, and an ongoing economic boon to The Bahamas.
Income - Economists estimate that 2/3rds of Bahamian income depends upon tourism.
Bahamian companies have secured 23 contracts to complete the first phase of the government-funded house building programme on Strachan s Hill Estate on Fire Trail Road.
Today s step completes all the agreements required from the PRC for the Bahamian government -- which has already been informed of this development to begin their approval process.
In 1953, Bahamians dissatisfied with UBP rule formed the opposition Progressive Liberal Party (PLP).
Being full of low cunning appears last on the list of character flaws and for Bahamians it is the most damning.
Even if we cannot eradicate this disease, through our efforts we can improve the odds for so many Bahamian women through early detection, proper education and excellent care," Ambassador Siegel said.
Junkanoo is tightly plaited into the Bahamian psyche, yet seldom do we dwell on its roots, which have been within us since we first became aware of ourselves.
Bahamian Pirate's victory in this year's Nunthorpe Stakes was his most recent Group 1 success.
US and Bahamian forces rescued 288 Haitian would-be illegal immigrants whose boat ran aground on a deserted isle.
Goodman's Bay on Cable Beach is popular with Bahamians.
But savvy travelers are being drawn away from Nassau's casinos to the smaller airports and quiet resorts of what Bahamians call the "Family Islands.
The festive celebration lets Bahamians and guests from around the world immerse themselves in all things Bahamian: cuisine, arts, craft, Junkanoo and Rake & Scrape music.
Two Bahamians are among six men hit by a multi-count indictment unsealed in a US federal court over an alleged $500 million offshore asset protection, securities fraud and money laundering scheme based in Belize, reports the Nassau Guardian (Sept.