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a native or inhabitant of the Bahamas

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It will feature elite hotels with gaming, entertainment, private residences, shopping and natural attractions that reflect an authentic Bahamian experience.
Bahamian government and law enforcement authorities are committed to combating illicit trafficking, and the United States and The Bahamas have a strong counternarcotics relationship.
The work of Britton and Millspaugh (1920) paved the way for subsequent plant biodiversity studies that engaged other American, European, and Bahamian organizations since the 1950s.
Income - Economists estimate that 2/3rds of Bahamian income depends upon tourism.
Coast Guard and Bahamian military crews rescued 110 immigrants after the 40-foot sloop capsized Monday night about 17 miles southwest of Staniel Cay, Bahamas, The Miami Herald reported.
These days Sandals Royal Bahamian, in the island capital of Nassau, is a sprawling holiday resort but in the 1940s the site was home to the exclusive Balmoral Club.
A British construction company linked to the deal, named in the Bahamian courts as Cheshire-based Pochin's, is said to have lost pounds 350,000 in March, 2006.
We now await Bahamian governmental approval, which will enable us to begin work on the Resort s construction.
Eighty-five percent of the Bahamian population is of African heritage.
Bahamian Supreme Court Justice Anita Allen has ordered a retrial after a politician prematurely announced at his party's annual convention, which was being covered on live television and radio, that the accused had been cleared.
The Bahamas, however, is not quite paradise, and there are some untoward, if often below the surface, aspects of Bahamian culture (barely hinted at in the travel guides).
In April 2008, Ambassador Siegel and his wife Stephanie, herself a breast cancer survivor, brought together Bahamian and American medical professionals, researchers, survivors and supporters, and the Bahamas Breast Cancer Initiative was launched four months later with embassy assistance as a public-private partnership.
Cotton Bay is the first large-scale luxury resort property in the Caribbean owned by native Bahamians, and Hicks will help to judge submissions based on design excellence and innovation and the creative interpretation of Bahamian Colonial style.
BAHAMIAN BAY gave plenty of encouragement for the future on her first start for 105 days when she ran well for a long way in the five-furlong handicap at Beverley yesterday.
based retailer, has sold its 12 supermarkets on the islands to a Bahamian company, BK Foods, Ltd.
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