Bahama Islands

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In 1647 the Company of Eleutheran Adventurers, founded the first republic in the New World, in order to colonize the Bahama Islands and claim them for Great Britain.
In Nassau, the capital of the Bahama Islands, Bond-inspired escapades range from daring deep-sea dives to cavorting in his chic penthouse, and can be experienced vicariously through the British Colonial Hilton's three-night "Live and Let Dive" package.
Designed especially for women, Olivia has a West Caribbean cruise scheduled for April 4-11, an Eleuthera trip in the Bahama Islands planned for May 15-22, and a tour of the Greek isles in the works for July 24-31.
That company is currently licensed to operate throughout the East Coast and in Michigan, Ohio, Texas, the Virgin Islands, the Bahama Islands and British West Indies.
Mark Gatesby, an English naturalist who spent years in colonial American, wrote a two-volume book, A Natural History of Carolina, Florida, and the Bahama Islands (1754).