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narrow French stick loaf


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With daily specials, regular promotions and loyalty schemes, Baguette Express is the name on everyone's lips
She claimed many Muslim pupils would have eaten the ham as she had the last of the baguettes for her lunch.
Featuring a gently scalloped edge and a long handle for maximum maneuverability, this baguette knife is perfect for creating small bites or big sandwiches, without crushing or tearing the bread, say company officials.
The company said it will now concentrate on its added-value range and keep making filled baguettes at another plant in Suhl, where modern equipment can meet the requirements of today's market.
There is a fresh bread oven at the back and baguettes are baked several times a day creating a delicious aroma.
I made it precisely half a mile (forget baguettes - this was survival) before returning home, traumatised, shaking and feeling silly - pink hibiscus, in north Cardiff, being kind of visible.
Consumers will be naturally drawn to products that they know to be fresh and a "handmade in-store" message will underline their provenance, reassuring customers that the baguettes have been made with care and attention within a short time span.
All Greggs sandwiches are made freshly every day using bread baked by trained bakers so you can be sure that every sandwich, wrap or baguette will taste delicious - and be ready when you are.
Marks & Spencer, Crusty White Ready to Bake Half Baguettes, two pack, 69p
Good Food for You (GFFY), which is run by a sole trader, is considering selling freshly cooked venison baguettes at Rock in a Hard Place, an annual two-day heavy metal festival held at the foot of Ben Nevis.
They want their baguettes fresh for breakfast--even if they have to wait outside for 15 minutes.
Baguettes lock into appropriate beads and the whole assembly - windows, spandrel and terracotta elements - is delivered to the site as a storey-height prefabricated unit.
The unwritten part of the chorus girl job description goes as follows: look the other way while management threatens to fire a 7-months-pregnant employee for not tucking in her untuckable shirt (you can now find her at Gounuet Garage); feign indifference when you get frisked on your way out the door for leftover baguettes that go in the dump moments after workers swipe out; embrace a brand of corporate downsizing that lays off pittance-an-hour workers while taking on more high-end "consultants," each of whom has his own definite and invaluable opinion about where the new cracker displays should be set up.
Even though the loaves were saturated by the essences of tuna, tomato, anchovy, egg, and garlic, the bread stayed firm and the length of the baguettes gave us a bonus of crisp crust.
Take some fresh, French-style baguettes, then add exotic, oriental fillings and what have you got?