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The other main group of lauan includes light red meranti, light red seraya, white lauan, almon, bagtikan and mayapis.
Dipterocarp are mainly tropical lowland forest trees such as the apitong, bagtikan, red lauan, mayapis and malaanonang.
Among these seedlings are Lawaan, Tanguili, Bagtikan, Red Lawaan, Kalingaw, Kalumpit and Talisay Gubat, all dipterocarp (a family of genera and species of mainly tropical lowland rainforest trees).
Luna Street in Pasay City and another on Bagtikan Street in San Antonio village in Makati City.
There are many more native trees waiting for dormsmale, female, or coedto be named after them: tanguile, apitong, bagtikan, antipolo, talisay, and tindalo, to name a few.