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a legitimate or supposed right to demand something as one's rightful due

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NEW, NEW, NEW AND I BAGSY SOME BAGSY RAY OF SUNSHINE PERFECT GLOW BRONZING POWDER PS18 This new Brit brand, which has just launched exclusively with feelunique.
Graham explained: "When Bagsy read that Cheryl was planning on ringing her mystery soldier, he panicked because he's not allowed to have his phone on for another nine days - it's military rules.
The pair slapstick and pun their way through all manner of mischief, and bagsy some of the best numbers to boot.
Bagsy wrote: "Can't believe Falkirk lads burnt doon a whole island in Magaluf.
He once went out wi th the daughter of a shoplifter nicknamed Bagsy.
The band are touring their new album Yeah, follow up to Bagsy Me.
That, however, is how long it has taken Swedish guitar pop band The Wannadies to release the follow-up to their Top 40 album Bagsy Me.
Screen siren Scarlett Johansson parks next to the presents to bagsy the biggest one
One of his songs, We Will, was covered by Andy Williams but the US superstar didn't understand Gilbert's colloquial line "I bagsy being in goal".
Worse than that, they'd bagsy two or three in the sun in the morning and then two or three for the shade in the afternoon.
right, I get first bagsy, you can be Crouchy and you're on my team, your little mate can be the Slovenia defence
Once ensconced you can explore its beautiful setting on the banks of the River Wye with views of the Black Mountains or, if that sounds too much like hard work, bagsy yourself a place on a sofa by the fire in the Great Hall and settle in.
Wannadies: You and Me Song - Top 20 hit in 1995 from the album Bagsy Me.