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Under separate plans also due to be discussed in private session tonight, the Chantry Bagpipe Museum could be moved to Morpeth's grade two listed Town Hall, with other local treasures.
The spectacle at Polesworth Abbey, nearTamworth, saw old and new bagpipes from across England and France under the spotlight as part of a national conference.
Mr Jenkins, of Wellsted Road, Wavertree, says he is not playing the bagpipes to raise money for charity, but instead uses the collection so he can travel to war grave sites across the world.
The industry dates back to the days of the British Raj, when locals manufactured bagpipes and kilts for Scots regiments posted to the sub-continent,
Mr Bhatti's family has been making bagpipes for more than 100 years, starting with his great-grandfather, a musical instrument maker who spotted a sure-fire business opportunity as the 19th Century ended.
Paul Warren, director of the National Youth Pipe Band of Scotland, welcomed the cut-price kilts but warned people that the Pakistan bagpipes were generally made of lower-quality materials.
In addition to several traditional Scottish bagpipe and drum bands, visitors could listen to Eric Rigler & Bad Haggis, a musical group that combined fiddle, bagpipe and electric guitar for a modern twist.
Street entertainer Gert Genisser has been playing his Scottish bagpipes to amuse shoppers in Llanelli.
JANE Fleming must be the world's most tolerant wife - as her husband Danny has filled their house with 105 sets of bagpipes.
The late AC/DC singer Bon Scott will be honoured with a statue in his home town - showing him holding bagpipes.
ANDY Murray's fans have been banned from taking their bagpipes to Wimbledon - as they might give the Scots ace an unfair advantage.
The spectacle at Polesworth Abbey, near Tamworth, saw old and new bagpipes from across England and France under the spotlight as part of a national conference.
AN ex-commando was being prosecuted today for playing his bagpipes to raise money to highlight the neglect of war graves.
Howell is in the Careers in Arts and Multimedia Productions academy at Lancaster High and is a member of the Lancaster Community Orchestra and the Tehachapi Bagpipes Corps.
THE skirl of bagpipes echoed across Coventry as two city men celebrated their standing as world champion players.