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Happily enough, as soon as we pulled in 50 bagpipers came out - pretty much crawled out in front of us.
As soon as our bus pulled in 50 bagpipers came out - pretty much crawled out in front of us.
If you have ever been to a military funeral and heard a lone bugler play "Taps," if you have ever attended a retirement ceremony and heard a vocalist belt out the national anthem, if you have ever heard the serenading sound of a lone bagpiper or a bagpiper playing in combination with fife and drums, or if you have ever stood tall and proud at the rendition of the Air Force song, then you know what we all will miss when the last Band of the Air Force Reserve musician leaves town and closes this chapter of notable achievements.
JUBILEE DATE: Conductor Garry Walker (above) and bagpiper Robert Jordan (below) will lead the musical celebrations at a concert in Huddersfield marking the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Corner?
They line up in rows of four next to the Greek Orthodox church--six rows of bagpipers, four of drummers, 45 scouts in all--and play for the whole town to hear.
It also featured Canadian film star Mike Myers in a kilt, accompanied by bagpipers.
Keating, alongside an Irish orchestra who will play with Chepelare bagpipers, is set to open the Irlandia street, which is located in the upper part of the town.
Entertainment was provided by Chinese lion dancers, steel drummers and bagpipers.
She then took a tour around the shop, accompanied by a troupe of Harrods bagpipers.
The documentary is built up as a mosaic from the testimony of musicians (foreign bagpipers are represented as well), concerts from festivals and a quantity of archive materials--not just historical recordings of performances but excerpts from feature films that show how bagpipes have been presented in Bohemia and the symbolic aura they have come to possess.
Patrick's Day Community March and Celebration, pictured, featuring a parade through town, bagpipers, live Celtic music, storytelling, holiday characters, food and many prizes to be won.
The gala included a tribute from bagpipers and was hosted by thesp Chris O'Donnell and Chuck Kavitsky, CEO of the Fireman's Fund, which co-produced the doc.
KILTED bagpipers inspired Sean Connery to perform an impromptu jig as he accepted a lifetime achievement award.
As the service began, bagpipers and drummers solemnly led a World Trade Centre flag to the stage.
For the final section, the star donned a kilt to sing Get Into The Groove with a team of bagpipers.