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capital and largest city of Iraq

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Killed in action: 5 December 2003, when his vehicle was struck by an IED in Baghdad, Iraq.
Miller, USN, Non-Commissioned Offi cer in Charge, J4 Iraq Assistance Group, Multi-National Corps, Baghdad, Iraq, January 2007 to June 2007.
Eastin currently serves as senior consultant to the Ministry of Environment in Baghdad, Iraq.
BAGHDAD, Iraq - A leading Sunni cleric called for religious and ethnic groups to take a stand against violence as Iraq endured a third consecutive day of sectarian killings - the worst, a suicide car bombing at a Shiite mosque that killed at least 12 worshippers as they left Friday prayers.
The purpose of this e-mail is to inform you that my wife faithfully forwards your magazine to me in Baghdad, Iraq.
I am currently deployed with the 1st Cavalry Division in Baghdad, Iraq.
I sent you all a letter in March when I arrived to Baghdad, Iraq.
During OIF, the DC-130A was deployed to a forward operating location where it was used to launch BQM-34 Firebee target drones near Baghdad, Iraq, dropping radar-jamming chaff and decoys to draw antiaircraft fire away from coalition strike aircraft.
Through the "Kids for Peace Project," the two schools are collecting school supplies to benefit Al-Tabari, an elementary school in Baghdad, Iraq, reports the Kansas City Star.
The patriarchal see of the Chaldean Church is in Baghdad, Iraq.
American National Public Radio reporter Anne Garrels, has released a book telling of her experiences as one of only 16 reporters who stayed in Baghdad, Iraq without protection during the Second Gulf War.
Five days later, Andy was in Baghdad, Iraq, where he has served on and off as bureau chief for Out2.
Troops stationed in Baghdad, Iraq, received a sweet surprise from home--more than 300 dozen ears of sweet corn from residents and businesses in Iowa.
He is currently based in Baghdad, Iraq, where he and filmmaker Jacquie Soohen are coordinating Iraqjournal.
Together, they work at a brick kiln in an arid hinterland about 200 miles southeast of Baghdad, Iraq, close to the border with Iran.