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capital and largest city of Iraq

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Yet, despite the continued bomb threat - at least five were killed in twin attacks on Sunday morning - Baghdad is witnessing a mall-building boom.
The siege fears in Baghdad stem from recent gains made by the Islamic State group in the so-called Baghdad Belt -- the final stretch between Anbar province, where the group gained ground in Janaury, and Baghdad.
A third car bomb exploded in a commercial street in western Baghdad, killing four persons and wounding 14 others, police said.
A second blast hit Aljaza'er Street in Baghdad killing two people and injuring four others and third and coincided explosion targeted a police convoy in the same street and wounded three policemen.
The launch of Baghdad will be Emirates' second gateway into Iraq after Basra, which started in February this year.
We are excited to launch Baghdad Bureau and hope it will give readers a more vivid, intimate sense of ordinary life in Iraq, as well as the military and political themes we will continue to explore in our coverage," Foreign Editor Susan Chira said in a statement.
Even if AQI came to dominate the Sunni resistance, it would be utterly incapable of seizing Baghdad against the combined muscle of the Kurds and the Shiites, who make up four fifths of the country.
But we must also realize what it will take to enable any political solution: It is simply impossible for meaningful political and economic activity to take place in an environment as riddled with violence as Baghdad is today.
We need to have an alliance with secular and religious Sunnis," says Ghaith Tamimi, a member of Sadr's media department in Baghdad.
On one occasion, 6 churches were simultaneously bombed in Baghdad and Kirkuk, and on another occasion an additional 6 churches were simultaneously bombed in Baghdad and Mosul.
military can manage in the kinda sorta halfway "safe" Green Zone in Baghdad.
Within the framework of occupation, these contemporary works further expose a campaign for "visualizing" Iraqi culture and spatially reconfiguring Baghdad in an effort to construct images for a "new" Iraq through ideological cultural reconstruction.
BAGHDAD, IRAQ, SEPTEMBER 2003: In Firdos Square where the now famous statue of Saddam Hussein once stood, surrounded by tall white pillars, an Iraqi version of Lady Liberty has been erected, a sign of hope in an otherwise dismal landscape.
Interior Minister Bayan Jabr has been running a network of secret torture prisons throughout Iraq, with one right under the nose of the American encampment in Baghdad.
The rise and fall of Baghdad considers the earliest days of the city's origins, charting the rise and fall of the city during the Abbasid dynasty, when Baghdad was the seat of cultural and political power in the region.