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capital and largest city of Iraq

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The longer central Iraq burns, the more distant the Kurds feel from Baghdad.
This haunting image was advertised as iconic of: "the fall of Baghdad," "the fall of the Baath," "Iraq's liberation," and one should add, "US imperialism.
A Baghdad native working with Occupation Watch witnessed a hospital being looted after the war broke out.
In a separate incident, a further four Task Force Baghdad soldiers were killed when a roadside bomb exploded in Baghdad.
Brother-in-law Paul Stella said it was a nerve-racking few months with Dellecese in Baghdad, but they got through it with prayers and good wishes.
6 -- A Polish officer is killed in southeastern Baghdad.
Politically, Baghdad has to rebuild its relations with many Arab countries, in particularly with Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and other Arab Gulf countries, who see Baghdad as an oppressor toward its Arab Sunni minority that ruled the country since the Ottoman Empire; moreover, they see Baghdad as a strong ally of their foe, Iran.
As neighborhoods in Baghdad grow increasingly divided into a Shiite east and a Sunni west along the Tigris River, opportunities for young Shiites and Sunnis to mix are dwindling.
aerial bombardment of Al Jazeera's Baghdad office during the invasion in 2003.
troops' killing of two European journalists at the Palestine Hotel in Baghdad.
troops in Baghdad began to enforce a new "no-smoking" policy at hospitals, Army spokesman Capt.
UNLESS YOU'RE A VIP who can fly directly into the Baghdad airport, the usual way to get to the city is from Amman, Jordan--a 600-mile, 12-hour-plus drive (depending on the vagaries of Jordanian customs officials) across barren terrain only a Bedouin could love.