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ROLY-poly comic James Corden takes a shorts cut to the shops - his baggy pants clashing with his Andy Warhol T-shirt.
Some local chancer decided to book himself in with a few Belfast rave promoters, dressed up as Sasha would (well, baggy pants, a T-shirt, and ponytail), faked an English/Welsh twang, played a few tunes, collected his wedge offa the bemused promoters and then disappeared into the night.
We started off like those stupid kids wearing baggy pants and saying aeYo Yo'.
One was reportedly wearing a black baseball hat and baggy pants.
The baggy pants are pretty hard to find because most of the baggy pants nowadays are covered with bling shit and big Logos.
And also punk rock, hip-hop, baggy pants, little wheels, launch ramps and street plants.
Didn't Ross Carter cover the subject in his book Those Devils in Baggy Pants more than 20 years ago?
Baggy pants were all over the catwalks at MaxMara, Paul Smith and Jaeger.
The baggy pants which have been nicknamed 'Harem trousers' by some, can in fact look surprisingly flattering.
Slightly carnivalesque in its humour, this story tells of the mayhem that is caused when Ant's mother buys him baggy pants, the fanciest pants he had ever seen, but when he sneezed, the pants fell down to his knees.
The fashion for low-slung baggy pants favoured on the streets of many western cities is definitely not something which I have witnessed before, which makes them totally unique -- which I guess is the reason why so many youngsters love to wear them.
Senator Yvonne Dorsey said she disliked the look of baggy pants but wanted to defend the public's right to wear their clothes as they wish.
He'd had to sneak it out of the alley in his baggy pants leg, walking like Frankenstein.
Martin on the city's baggy pants ban, quoted in the Kansas City Star, March 6
Rather than pay $72 per parcel per year to fight gang violence, a tax should be established for all gang culture-related items such as those baggy pants, car stereo systems, rap music, handguns, bullets, tattoos and car accessories.