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Synonyms for baggage

Synonyms for baggage

a vulgar promiscuous woman who flouts propriety

Synonyms for baggage

a worthless or immoral woman

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the portable equipment and supplies of an army

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Scope of Offering included herein to operate a baggage cart service and concession at Washington Dulles International
Baggage carts have been a vital part of an airport's passenger service for years and, in some cases, have been a source of revenue.
the world's largest operator in the baggage cart rental business.
the world's largest operator in the baggage cart rental business, in a transaction valued at approximately $23 million.
A German-led consortium has secured a service contract from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey to manage baggage cart logistics at Newark International Airport in the US.
The "Ready, SAFE, Go" logo is emblazoned on safety vests, tugs and baggage carts as a constant reminder that safety trumps all other considerations at Alaska and Horizon including on-time performance and profits," said Nunn.
Yes, Olympic rifle shooters have so much gear the use baggage carts to haul it all around.
Service was frozen solid; baggage handlers risked frostbite loading planes and the metal on the baggage carts caused instant frostbite if touched by bare skin.
We closely watched the diplomatic pouches as they were unloaded from an embassy vehicle onto baggage carts.
At the moment the creatures can be touched and fed at the Southbank Centre | TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 19: Baggage carts make their way past a Helvetic Airways aircraft from which about $50 million worth of diamonds were stolen on the Tarmac of Brussels international airport.
These are automatically scanned, processed and delivered to the correct loading positions where they are placed in baggage carts or containers and delivered to the aircraft.
The carrier's newest environmental innovation is said to resemble a small tractor and is intended to pull baggage carts to and from the aircraft.
The crews are being asked to load luggage at Ayrshire's Prestwick airport by hand and drive baggage carts.
In the check-in line at Miami Airport, three days after long-time leader Fidel Castro said he would retire as president, baggage carts were piled high with bags stuffed with clothes, boxes of electronics, coffee machines and car parts.
Patients were loaded onto baggage carts and trucked to the baggage area .