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a conveyer belt that carries luggage to be claimed by air travelers

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Security cameras showed Jezard crawling through the opening of a baggage carousel, getting on to the airport's tarmac apron, and then getting aboard the plane.
Suspicions showed Jezard wandering drunkenly around the airport terminal before crawling through a baggage carousel.
LUGGAGE LINGO Bypass the bland suitcases every other holidaymaker is hauling off the baggage carousel and stand out with an eye-catching print or colour.
Tata quietly picking up bags falling off the baggage carousel at the Bombay airport and putting them back.
DoubleTake Marketing Announces Expansion of Baggage Carousel Advertising Program to Seattle, Philadelphia, and Boston Airports.
In the piece, Rhod complains about landing in Australia and arriving at the baggage carousel to find all that's left of his luggage is the handle.
It's not any fun when you're the last person standing at the baggage carousel and there aren't anymore bags circling around.
When I arrived at the baggage carousel, there was already another plane load of people standing at the revolving door waiting for it to turn.
A Hermes Airports Ltd representative said that according to a survey involving 2,500 flights, the estimated average arrival time of luggage onto the baggage carousel prior to April 2008 was 18 minutes for the first piece and 32 minutes for the last, compared to 20 minutes and 35 minutes respectively since the private companies had taken over.
If the latter, the honourable gentleman got his comeuppance on his return from Dubai when, despite being first to the baggage carousel at Luton Airport, he was one of the last to leave.
But last spring, CBP officers went beyond the call of duty using CPR and a shock from an AED to save the life of a returning traveler who had collapsed near a baggage carousel.
Last year he revealed on television that he and Sir Paul McCartney had joked about how Liverpool airport, renamed Liverpool John Lennon airport in 2001, could have a Ringo Starr baggage carousel.
PALMDALE - Flying into Palmdale from Las Vegas, June Dahlen and David Richards went from the airplane to their car in a fraction of the time it would take an LAX passenger to make it to the baggage carousel.
LEGEND has it that when the beaten All Blacks limped home from a recent World Cup they were met at the airport baggage carousel in New Zealand by a particularly damning greeting.
The baggage carousel at Los Cabos International Airport reveals just a sampling of the outdoor activities offered throughout the sun-soaked Baja Peninsula: Hard plastic cases cradling golf clubs and zippered totes in the shape of tennis rackets plug along in fits and starts.