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a long wandering and eventful journey

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I also wonder how many of the folk complaining don't mind paying ridiculous amounts of money to watch and cheer on 22 obscenely over-paid prima donnas attempting to kick a small bag of wind between two sticks
On the other hand you have footballers kicking a bag of wind all over the field getting thousands of pounds a week and they are getting knighthoods for it.
A high point was certainly reached in 1873 when President White of Cornell, asked whether the football players could absent themselves from studies to play at the University of Michigan, replied, "I will not permit 30 men to travel 400 miles merely to agitate a bag of wind.
Although 15 out of 17 dancers in the Mark Morris Dance Group graduated from colleges or conservatories, Morris himself called the college experience "a big bag of wind.
I only wonder why when Blues and Villa kicked a bag of wind about a couple of weeks ago a battalion of policemen 'gave guidance' to the wonderful supporters?
THIS is the weekend when we all go bonkers over a bunch of blokes booting a bag of wind round a field.
Definitely Air; he's a bag of wind and erm, his 'air is 'orrible.
It's just I wish either we lived a lot closer to the equator or they kicked a bag of wind around in the middle of the summer, when I wouldn't be risking hypothermia at least once a week.
NEVER before in all my years watching a bag of wind being pumped around the fields of England have I witnessed such an orgy of sack talk - the managerial merry-go-round is threatening to come off its hinges under the strain - but recent events at Liverpool may eventually stem the desire for further dugout decapitations.
Terry is really rather good at chasing a bag of wind round a pitch and yelling at his team-mates.
In Canada they include: bag of wind, scuzzball, blatherskite, a trained seal, jerk, pig and, bizarrely, a weathervane.
I AGREE with FSH, of Newcastle, about the amount of money so-called professional footballers get these days for kicking a bag of wind around for 90 minutes.
Despite all that has happened to him in the past nine months, Kelvin Davis tells Stuart Rayner he refuses to get carried away by the highs, lows and contradictions of fending off a bag of wind.
Takes his seat, whistle goes, 22 players chase bag of wind, yada yada yada.
But he's not up to much except kicking a bag of wind around a football pitch.