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Synonyms for lunch

a midday meal

take the midday meal

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provide a midday meal for

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She currently coordinates the Bag Lunch Program, which "serves an average [of] 110 people five days a week.
The following Brown Bag Lunch workshops will be held:
Arts without taking anything home," said Deschanel, who also donated a silver Tod's purse to the sale and ate the brown bag lunch in her car.
While the program is free, there is a $10 charge for a boxed lunch (sandwich, fruit, chips, and drink) or participants may bring their own brown bag lunch.
2 Journal Club Noon at The Center for AIDS 1407 Hawthorne Brown bag lunch
A brown bag lunch discussion will follow, during which Greg Kidd, NPCA's associate Southeast regional director, will outline the opportunities and challenges for the park as it develops both its transportation and other plans for the next few years.
Louis had a January brown bag lunch on "Our View of the FTAA: the Militarization of Police" given by members of the local Friends meeting.
We believed in inspiring others to careers in applied public health, so we initiated a brown bag lunch series for students and faculty to share experiences about work in public health (1).
I would take my brown bag lunch down to Fish Creek behind the football field where I had smoked pot and done snuff back in my middle school.
The LSS's other services for corporations include brown bag lunch sessions, play groups, informational handouts, and parenting tips.
Programs range from a brown bag lunch with two outside observers, one white and one black, to an in-house session on race relations in the newsroom.
He can hardly restrain his enthusiasm recalling the brown bag lunch last week at which the photo department was introduced to a "two megapixel digital camera.
Parents were asked how often their child brought a bag lunch in an average week.
Walnut Acres offers refreshing alternatives by putting an eco-twist on the old brown bag lunch.
Introduced at the 1994 conference in New Orleans, the brown bag lunch consists of several tables, each of which is reserved for a specific topic.