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Synonyms for lunch

a midday meal

take the midday meal

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provide a midday meal for

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The following Brown Bag Lunch workshops will be held:
Arts without taking anything home," said Deschanel, who also donated a silver Tod's purse to the sale and ate the brown bag lunch in her car.
We believed in inspiring others to careers in applied public health, so we initiated a brown bag lunch series for students and faculty to share experiences about work in public health (1).
I would take my brown bag lunch down to Fish Creek behind the football field where I had smoked pot and done snuff back in my middle school.
Walnut Acres offers refreshing alternatives by putting an eco-twist on the old brown bag lunch.
Introduced at the 1994 conference in New Orleans, the brown bag lunch consists of several tables, each of which is reserved for a specific topic.
The whole debate seemed to be conducted by people who had never eaten lunch in a school cafeteria (except for photo ops), never packed a bag lunch, and never talked to program administrators off the record.
What's the best sandwich to pack for your child's brown bag lunch on a very hot day?
Participants are invited to bring a bag lunch to eat after the hike.
The presentation today is part of the USGBC Orange County chapter's Green Bag Lunch series.
Winners can also bag lunch with a Rangers legend followed by tours of Ibrox Stadium and Murray Park.
At lunchtime, roughly one-fourth of children nationwide bring a bag lunch to school all five days of the week.
Lunchtime: Approximately 25 percent of parents in Chicago personally pack a bag lunch for their school-age children every day during the school week.
An informal brown bag lunch discussion will follow at noon in the Multicultural Center, Building 1, Room 201.
getting her son off to school with a hot breakfast and bag lunch before waking her mother at 7:15 a.