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In fact, the German-based Baedeker's United States guide served as the model for the American Guide Series.
In the latter case, more could have been said about how this Australian firm in particular transformed the travel-guide market, producing unorthodox texts that catered to the new breed of budget-conscious travellers uninterested in traditional tourist material offered by imitators of the famous Baedeker's guides.
For France, perhaps Hilaire Belloc, The Path to Rome, Baedeker's North, South and the Environs of Paris, possibly the Guide des Musees de France, Office du Livre, 1970, not to forget Hachette's Guide Bleu, the green Michelins and by no means least the current red Michelin for meal-times and hotels.
But as a guide to studying the likes of art history years on end (which can include a visiting lectureship here or there), Randall Jarrell's Pictures from an Institution is the closest one comes to Baedeker's.
Baedeker's guides, along with Murray's, were increasingly responsible for directing the mass tourist's gaze (see the satiric nod in this direction on page 211) and prompting her or his response, both 'limiting and enabling' in equal turn.
In contrast, other great English cathedral cities such as Salisbury, Winchester, Durham, York and Canterbury seem like names from some celestial Baedeker's guide, which makes this new story of Lichfield by Dr Chris Upton, senior lecturer in history at Newman College, Birmingham, and a Birmingham Post columnist, all the more welcome.
Baedeker's experience in the racing industry also includes serving as general manager for The Woodlands, a horse and greyhound racing facility in Kansas City, Kan.