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German publisher of a series of travel guidebooks (1801-1859)

any of a series of travel guidebooks published by the German firm founded by Karl Baedeker

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Among her favourites is the time she pulled an old Baedeker guide to Egypt off the shelf and out of it fell two rail tickets that had belonged to Charles Currelly, first director of the ROM of Archaeology.
After all, he has form in these matters, having famously shrouded Durham Cathedral in fog to save it from approaching German Baedeker raiders in 1942.
This Baedeker raid on the North, worthy of the Nazis, is an outrageous act of political spite by southern Tories against cities that send Labour MPs to Westminster.
Although Kokoro is not a novel but rather a cultural Baedeker, it maintains the reader's interest and attention throughout.
My first thought was that even the undiscerning traveller going out in the noonday sun of the Anna-UPA arena might be moved to pack up bag and Baedeker and hie back to hearth, home and football hooliganism.
Since the 1800s travel to cities such as Cairo, Damascus and Beirut had captured the imaginations of those with a fancy for a first hand experience of the exotic but interest in the more challenging desert destinations was fueled by the publication of a new genre of travel book aimed at the general public, such as the first Baedeker guide for Palestine and Syria, which appeared in 1878.
He had previously had fun with the Baedeker name-dropping of Volpone, and later turned to Roman history with Sejanus and Catiline (astonishingly, the favourite tragedy of the seventeenth century).
German escalation in the so-called Baedeker Raids against picturesque cities of no military value only brought a fiercer response with the bombing of Cologne, Bremen, and Hamburg.
London, Aug 6 (ANI): Survivors of the Baedeker raids of World War II, when Hitler sent the Luftwaffe to bomb one of Britain's most beautiful cities, Bath, have revealed the horror of the attack in a new documentary called 'The Forgotten Blitz'.
It's not so much that there's something wrong with the dams," said Diane Baedeker Petit, spokeswoman for the U.
Visitors to the worlds these constitutions define, worlds at once old and new, would do well to consult Williams's constitutional Baedeker before taking the trip.
It was a sort of Baedeker for trustworthy supporters; those who possessed it could move across many countries and towns, finding everywhere someone to house them or help them somehow.
The page reference is drawn from Mina Loy: The Lost Lunar Baedeker, ed.
74) Karl Baedeker, Italy: A Handbook for Travelers.
Presenter and architecture critic Tom Dyckhoff starts the series in Bath, which was one of the cities targeted by Hilter in 1942 as part of his Baedeker Raids.