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computer software that obtains information from a user's computer without the user's knowledge or consent

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The sheer size of the badware problem makes this site particularly timely and useful, and thus A Site to See this month.
Leonovo is one of three technology companies supporting the project through monetary funding and ad hoc commitments of technicians to identify and provide remedies for badware, often called malware, through the coalition's Web site, StopBadware.
The coalition's Web site solicits reports of malicious software from Web users and, in return, provides users with information about companies and offers that attempt to place badware on computers.
Its Badware Watch List is a plain-English approach to making Internet users aware of programs that will cause harm to their computers if downloaded.
org, the site's efforts to stop badware are beginning to take effect.
We can provide complementary services to what they and what some others are doing," said John Palfrey, co-director of the Stop Badware Coalition, clinical professor of law at Harvard, and director of Harvard Law School's Berkman Center for Internet & Society.
Harvard's Berkman Center joined the cause in part to help prevent badware because existing laws don't adequately address the problem, according to Palfrey.
The Stop Badware Coalition, established to collect reports of malicious software, is seeking the help of web users in a program which will 'name and shame' those supplying malicious software programs such as spyware.
Anti-malware organization reports on systemic causes of and responses to badware threat
Founded in 2006, StopBadware provides tools and resources that help website owners, Web hosting providers, end users, and URL blacklist operators fulfill their respective roles in defending the Web against badware.
StopBadware has, since its creation in 2006, worked to provide educational resources and an appeals process for webmasters whose sites have been blacklisted for badware content.