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The tournament brings together almost all badminton players of different nationalities in Qatar under one roof.
Higman was a high quality badminton player in his own right, getting to 51st in the world singles rankings and winning national, European and World Over-40 titles after undergoing three hip replacements.
n ree talented badminton players from the area represented England at a national competition.
com)-- A new badminton blog is promising badminton players of all standards help in selecting the best badminton racket for their style and standard of play.
She is an inspiration to our other young badminton players and a great role model.
Indian national badminton players Rupesh Kumar and Diju V, who are in Dubai to participate in the 36th edition of the UAE Open Badminton Tournament 2013 at the India Club, voiced their opinion in support of the league noting it will help take the game to different level.
WARWICKSHIRE'S young badminton players are celebrating an outstanding silver-lining to their North Medway Badminton League campaign.
SPEED and determination keep these badminton players competition-ready.
She said the national coach had full control over the selection process, which was not a good idea and prevented the development of more badminton players.
Top badminton players from across the world flocked to Wales last weekend.
China: China has withdrawn all its badminton players from this week s Japan Open because of safety fears as ties between Beijing and Tokyo worsen over a territorial row, officials said on Tuesday.
Therefore, the present research attempts to determine the level of competitive state anxiety between the elite and non-elite badminton players in Iran.
It has been suggested that those scenes made a mockery of the sport of badminton but given that an essential tool of their trade is known as a shuttlecock, badminton players must be pretty mockery-proof.
In a way, badminton players behaving badly serves to remind us all just how precious the Olympic spirit is, and how great a triumph it is when human beings overcome their limitations - physical and otherwise - and show their best face to the world.
CHINA was caught up in controversy last night after two of its badminton players were accused of playing to lose.