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Neil Badmington, "Theorizing Posthumanism," Cultural Critique 53 (Winter 2003): 10-27.
Badmington, however, does not take into consideration the ambiguous nature of "magic," and the playful plurality that can also be appreciated through traditional biography and psychoanalysis.
This is important to recognize because, as Badmington suggests, "Posthumanist cultural criticism must, I think, learn to listen out for the deconstruction of the binary opposition between the human and the inhuman that is forever happening within humanism itself.
Alan Bass (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1982), 115; Badmington, "Theorizing Posthumanism," 14.
Professional event rider Oliver has previously won both Badmington and Burghley horse trials and this year finished third in the British Eventing Rider Rankings, having gained 1562 points.
Badmington picks up where Hayles and Haraway leave off by directly engaging the humanist subject, maintaining that posthumanism is not a "replacement" for humanism, nor is it an opportunity to forget or cast off humanism all together.
Neil Badmington (Basinstoke: Palgrave, 2000), 6, 7.
For instance, Neil Badmington develops a provocative reading of "The Library of Babel," suggesting that apparently insignificant orthographic details may have a great deal to tell us about the impossibility of separating the material features of the text from the philosophical issues it addresses (although the neologisms he coins are, I think, too clever by half).
In addition to the introduction, there are essays by Floyd Merrell, Nefl Badmington, David Ciccoricco, Gordon Calleja, Ruben Borg, Jonathan Boulter, Martin S.
Mail reporter Tony Collins has a masterclass with Olympic badmington star Gail Emms at the NIA.
South Tyneside Council's Sports Development Team have put on taster sessions in badmington, boxing and gymnastics at Temple Park Centre.
Porem, muitos acreditam que Wingfield apenas adaptou os principios do badmington, squash e de outros jogos populares de raquete ingleses (Juzwiak, 2006).
REFURBISH DELIGHT: Billingham Badmington Club's Frances Percival and Pam Murphy
Ante el cumulo de denuncias contra Jose Ramon Noria, presidente de la Federacion Mexicana de Badmington, por abuso de poder, vetos, asi como compra de articulos deportivos con recursos publicos y reventa para su beneficio personal, el titular de la Confederacion Deportiva Mexicana, Alonso Perez Gonzalez, pide a los denunciantes hacerle llegar las quejas por escrito para poder actuar, Entre tanto, Noria anuncio que presentara pruebas en su favor.