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Badmington, however, does not take into consideration the ambiguous nature of "magic," and the playful plurality that can also be appreciated through traditional biography and psychoanalysis.
This is important to recognize because, as Badmington suggests, "Posthumanist cultural criticism must, I think, learn to listen out for the deconstruction of the binary opposition between the human and the inhuman that is forever happening within humanism itself.
Mail reporter Tony Collins has a masterclass with Olympic badmington star Gail Emms at the NIA.
South Tyneside Council's Sports Development Team have put on taster sessions in badmington, boxing and gymnastics at Temple Park Centre.
REFURBISH DELIGHT: Billingham Badmington Club's Frances Percival and Pam Murphy
Worcestershire-based Tristram Owers, dressage leader at his first Badmington this May, has two rides, Badmington partner Hatherden's Riverdance and George Shaw's eight-year-old home-bred mare Cidilla.
Badmington as Vice President, Corporate Communications.
Neil Badmington, secretary of the Cardiff branch of teaching union UCU, said: "The increases in fees will not be the only factor that affect universities.