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Synonyms for badge

Synonyms for badge

an emblem of honor worn on one's clothing

something visible or evident that gives grounds for believing in the existence or presence of something else

Words related to badge

an emblem (a small piece of plastic or cloth or metal) that signifies your status (rank or membership or affiliation etc.)

any feature that is regarded as a sign of status (a particular power or quality or rank)

put a badge on

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References in classic literature ?
A similar badge was once braided about my wrist by the royal hand of Mehevi himself, who, as soon as he had concluded the operation, pronounced me 'Taboo'.
His clothes were also cleaned and pressed by the Imperial tailors, and his crown polished and again sewed upon his head, for the Tin Woodman insisted he should not renounce this badge of royalty.
Allow them," said Jupiter, "to enjoy an empty honor and to assume the badge of your nobler sex, so long as they are not your equals in strength or courage.
I pray you then my fair dove, that you will vouchsafe to me one of those doeskin gloves, that I may wear it as the badge of her whose servant I shall ever be.
The cross of the Geneva Convention would have been amply sufficient to protect her: no woman wearing that badge of honor would have disgraced herself by abandoning the wounded men before the Germans entered the place.
Then she faced about and sat still while the Rubberneck auto stopped at the flash of the badge under the coat of the plainclothes man.
To be honest and poor was never a Dodson motto, still less to seem rich though being poor; rather, the family badge was to be honest and rich, and not only rich, but richer than was supposed.
their badges and the number of' students who accessed their badges through the NOCTI Skill Badge Locker.
n The I Told You To Get Your Shoes On, Now We're Going To Be Late And We're Going To Have To Run To School badge courtesy of adidas Trainers.
Pawnbrokers, it is further declared, had already begun to lend money on silver badges, or to buy them outright.
Up to 4000 badges issued to people who have since died are still feared to be in use, after official figures revealed they had not been returned by relatives.
If everyone wears a badge that shows the number of years they've been in Dubai, others can choose to either engage or not.
Today's Scouts are as likely to be found gathered around a computer terminal as around a campfire, and this spring, as in the recent past, a group of college students will be helping those Scouts earn badges their grandparents never dreamed of.
A new Commons Bill will bring in fresh powers in Wales and England for councils to scrap badges that are used dishonestly.
It's also claimed stolen permits are being tampered with - by changing the expiry date and photos - to create bogus badges that dupe parking officers.