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That group--made up of public officials who have first-hand experience with industrial sand mining in several West Central Wisconsin counties--concluded that when performed responsibly, sand mining brings numerous economic benefits to the Badger State.
The Iron Brigade earned Wisconsin troops praise for their bravery after defeating Stonewall Jackson in 1862, and Badger State troops fought in all major battles.
Many of the idioms, colloquialisms and linguistic patterns in use in the Badger state are descended from similar ones found in many European tongues.
Moreover, the Badger State has, in recent months, been more conducive to Republican success and possesses a stronger ground operation, the sources added.
She continued, “With the assistance of businesses throughout Wisconsin the American Machine Shops Network has been able to increase its presence all over the badger state to further its grassroots movement founded earlier this year to help bring work to local manufacturers.
Finally, while Wisconsin was predicted to be a battleground state previously, all eyes were on the Badger State this weekend as presumed GOP Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney chose Janesville native Congressman Paul Ryan as his running mate.
As referenced in these pages Monday, a study by the American Enterprise Institute found that, prior to 2011, public employees in the Badger State enjoyed a 29 percent edge in pay and benefits over private-sector counterparts.
To say that voting in the Badger State has become a veritable circus is to state the obvious.
Operating 16 full-service supermarkets in the Badger state, Mark Skogen and his family employ more than 4,000 full-and part-time associates.
The FDIC closed Peoples State Bank in Hamtramck, Canyon National Bank in Palm Springs, Sunshine State Community Bank of Port Orange and Badger State Bank of Cassville.
With the pro-gun takeover of not only the Wisconsin governor's mansion, but both houses of the state legislature in Madison, the chances for passage of a "shall issue" right-to-carry law in the Badger State are better than ever before.
Most of my waterfowl hunting has occurred in Wisconsin marshes and fields, so I have taken nearly every puddle duck and diver that commonly migrates through the Badger State.
As we commemorate the expansion of the Wisconsin Rapids sweetened dried cranberry production plant, we reinforce Ocean Spray's partnership with the state of Wisconsin and our dedication to growing more cranberries and creating additional jobs in the Badger State.
The state's Keith Warnke hopes Badger State hunters will at least match last fall's kill, when they registered 519,388 whitetails.
Certainly, this is a situation which cries out for state legislation to clarify the appropriate boundaries for the application of the relevant provision of the Wisconsin Constitution to preserve legal balance and guarantee a fair climate for conducting legitimate business in the Badger State.