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small bushy deciduous tree native to Asia and North Africa having pretty pink blossoms and highly prized edible nuts enclosed in a hard green hull

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In the Saghand region, the Chaydouni--Posht Badam complex rocks (Amphibolites, Gneisses, Schists, Migmatites, Anatectites) are indicative of a tectonic melange of Precambrian metamorphic rocks that have been transformed into Serpentinite together with Pyroxenite and pyroxene--olivine-bearing rocks [3].
For example, 53-year-old Badam Zari, a housewife from Bajaur Agency, made history by becoming the first female candidate to run for office from the tribal region along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border.
He was injured in 2009 during an encounter in Sopore's Badam Bagh area.
Candidates including Asma Alamgir, Fiza Tariq, Tabana, Anila Shaheed, Najma Zaib, Shazia Aurangzeb, Mumlakat Bashir, Khurshid Begum, Nusrat Anjum, Rabia, Irum Fatima, Noor ul Huda , Musarrat Shaheen, Hazrat Bibi, Maqbool Bibi, Nusrat Begum , Saadia Jan and Badam Zari will participate from Bajaur Agency are in the run for National Assembly.
One, Badam Zari, and the other, Nusrat Begum have filed papers from the Bajaur and Lower Dir areas.
Gulnaz gave birth to her daughter in the Badam Bagh women's prison in Kabul before President Hamid Karzai took the highly unusual step of freeing her with no pre-conditions in December 2011.
Common Name Scientific Name 1 Ashok Polyalthia longifolia 2 Sonmohar Peltophorum pterocarpum 3 Gulmohar Delonix regia 4 Karanj Pongamia pinnata 5 Neem Azardirachta indica 6 Wild Badam Terminalia catappa 7 Sissoo Dalbergia sissoo 8 Kanchan Bauhinia purpurea 9 Bakul Mimusops elengi 10 Silver Oak Graviella robusta 11 Palas Butea monosperma 12 Arjun Terminalia arjuna 13 Moha Madhuca longifolius var.
A "medium-sized elderly man, wearing a badam cap (a type of Uyghur cap), with long beard, bushy eyebrows, and a pair of small yet deep and shining eyes," (2) Turdi Akhun brought with him a Uyghur musical instrument called satar, a long-neck Central Asian bowed lute characterized by its rich sympathetic timbre.
The desserts are light and refreshing: in-season fruit such as melon and kheer badam (rice pudding).
He lived in Istanbul with his family and had a Kurdish guest room in the district of Khunkar Imam in the Aji Badam sector.
Badam acknowledges financial support through the University of Erlangen-Nurnberg.
An earlier report by AIP said the fighters of the rebel warlord launched an infantry attack on the government troops at Badam Bagh, about 7 km west of the city, after raining rockets and mortars over the city overnight.
The second school believes that zebu evolved independently of taurine cattle from a separate wild ancestor, Bos namadicus (Zeuner 1963: 239; Meadow 1984: 329; Badam 1984: 341).
Three farmers in the Badam Bagh area of Kabul were injured when bombs fell nearby, according to a neighbourhood shopkeeper.
RESIDENTS are again living in fear in Jammu and Kashmir's Sopore following the killing of another civilian on Sunday morning after unidentified gunmen killed 42- year- old Mehraj- ud- Din Dar outside his poultry shop at Badam Bagh area of the town, around 55 km northwest of Srinagar.