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(computer science) a block (usually one sector) that cannot reliably hold data

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Generally speaking, in the process of disk array recovery all sectors of the remnant hard disks will be read from top to bottom, that is to say all bad sectors in these hard disks will be found and accordingly create corresponding "shadow sections".
The bad seller will try to mask the identity of the bad sector only if he prefers the outcome in the uninformed state to the full- information outcome.
Every so often, the surface of the hard disk will develop new bad sectors.
Bad Sector Skip is a function that intelligently continues to run backup processing even when unreadable or bad sectors are found.
Drive Image will include complete disk integrity and bad sector checking.
The EonRAID 2000 provides automatic drive failure detection and bad sector reassignment.
There is no requirement for complex error correction or bad sector mapping schemes to achieve this level of performance.
Bad sectors lead to damaged data files that can no longer be accessed reliably.
If bad sectors result in damaged files that can no longer be accessed, it is a common practice to attempt to recover the files directly on the damaged drive.
Proteus can also perform soft repair of bad sectors, apply overwrite patterns and carry out data wipes to Infosec Standard 5 or higher if required.
There can be good people operating in bad sectors and bad people in good sectors, so we focus on looking at the people we're dealing with.
firmware-level data recovery (when hard drives fail to be detected by PCs due to firmware corruptions) and physical data recovery (drives with a lot of bad sectors, clicking noises and even head damage, etc.
A quick fix for this involves running a disk scan which checks for disc errors and fixes the bad sectors (some examples are scandisk and checkdsk utilities in windows).
If the media shows bad sectors replace it immediately, regardless of the age.