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a promotion intended to create goodwill for a person or institution

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The total disregard for the young victims in the Penn State situation is totally unfathomable and yet we often see such extreme measures to avoid bad PR and to cover up abuse in such cases," says Estey.
The good news is, there are practical ways to pivot away from bad PR and come out stronger on the other side.
Aside from being in the wrong, it's pretty bad PR to go around slapping unfair bills on some of the most respected members of our community.
Research funding is scarce, the brightest students and faculties are now sought after by the world's richest universities, and this latest publication is frankly bad PR for Wales plc.
Ministers have just tried to spin their way out of a bad PR situation.
The Sheffield Newly relaunched condo conversion the Sheffield, which is revamping its image after several years of bad PR during Kent Swig's tenure, has announced a partnership with Saks Fifth Avenue that confers privileges on the building's residents.
As you can clearly see in my letter, I am encouraging people to help, despite the bad PR.
In fact, so mainstream is this trend at the moment that even heads of state don't think it's bad PR when their pictures staring at a beautiful woman's bum are flashed worldwide.
It turns out that cows have, in fact, had bad PR all these years and are really one of the animal world's brainboxes.
Even on Thursday's back pages, Robbie Keane and Tony Mowbray had yet another go at McDonald as bad PR was allowed to run and run.
The song titled 'United Break Guitars' which is now available online in YouTube steered bad PR causes United Airlines' stock price to plunge by 10 per cent, costing shareholders $180 million.
Is CSR window dressing to keep the peace with increasingly ethically driven shareholders, a cynical ploy to deflect bad PR, or a real commitment to improving the communities that business operates in and the lives of those it employs and serves?
It would be very bad PR to go back on ourselves once we'd announced we were using 100% renewable energy only.
bad PR and lawsuits could be right around the corner.
The town hall now has a week in which to confirm or deny the amount - or live forever with the bad PR.