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fairness in following the rules of the game

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IDON'T know if they were bad losers but they shed more trainers than a Christmas turkey sheds feathers.
If you want to be successful you've got to be a bad loser, not a good one.
His bad tempered outburst and refusal to shake hands with West Ham manager Alan Pardew just because the under pressure Hammers boss had the nerve to celebrate a late winner was a classic example of being nothing more than a bad loser.
Such a bad loser too, blaming the strings of his racket, rather than himself, or congratulating the winner.
Known throughout the world of Poker as the 'Poker Brat', Phil is not everyone's cup of tea as he is an excellent poker player, but a notoriously bad loser who is prone to tantrums when things do not go his way.
Not only that, but he was a bad loser which goes to show what type of person he really is.
It seemed like he was a bad loser - he should be used to taking flak.
Of course I am a bad loser - we are all bad losers and I am probably worse than some.
He's a man who is a bad loser, he likes to win and he likes to be on top of everybody.
The second survey, which questioned 1,007 eight to 16-year-olds, found that just half (51%) said they were never a bad loser in sport.
I don't deny that I am a bad loser but on this occasion I would have done exactly the same if we had won or lost the game.
I'm a bad loser, so I'm not going to work at being a good winner.
29 (ANI): manchester United coach Alex Ferguson has been accused by both Mark Hughes (Manchester City coach) and Arsene Wenger (Arsenal) of being a bad loser.
Even with a game of cards on the bus, I'm a bad loser.
Murphy, who's such a bad loser that he stormed out of the ceremony when they failed to read his name, is not one but three characters in this painfully unfunny 'comedy'.