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Synonyms for joke

Synonyms for joke

words or actions intended to excite laughter or amusement

something or someone uproariously funny or absurd

an object of amusement or laughter

to make jokes; behave playfully

to tease or mock good-humoredly

Synonyms for joke

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It was a bad joke that went too far andwentwrong - I accept the fine for a public order offence but I didn't want to be classed as racist because I'm not.
I consider it a bad joke on football when they draw into the same group teams such as Spain and the Czech Republic against the present-day Lithuanian and Scottish squads.
To suggest that they can be bought "up to 6pm on the day before departure" is a bad joke, and in my experience completely without foundation.
6 Who had to apologise after making a bad joke at the expense of the Queen Mother?
After all, the IMF had been lecturing countries to have "transparent" markets like those in the United States, but after Enron and WorldCom this turned out to be a bad joke.
While walking through the gallery I starred to wonder if Sandback's use of yam is a sort of bad joke, literally stitching space together; once those knitting associations start it's hard to stop them (Ariadne's thread and so on).
But throw in the fact that they're splashing this kind of cash - our hard-earned, taxpayer cash - and the whole sorry situation becomes a bad joke.
Investigators took the decision after the pair explained that the posting was just a bad joke.
Given that the event's promoter was talking about bringing Madonna to the city not too long ago, the current situation is like a bad joke.
It's a bad joke that a leaflet is being distributed across Tamworth for a facility we don't have.
The series is a joke, it's a bad joke and it is bad for the city's image and just as bad for the double glazing industry, who must be squirming over it.
SWISS MISS -- Christian GrossASK a Spurs fan about Christian Gross and they go white and murmur words like ``shocking, '' and ``I thought it was a bad joke.
Except of course it turned out not to be a fairy tale but more like a bad joke based on a fairy tale.
The idea of dismantling the ill-fated Greenwich eyesore and foisting it off on some other city is a bad joke.
What can't be shaken off turns out to be a quiet sense of humor: upending and fudging homages, Knowlton's work seems to chuckle as much at its self-imposed game of catch-up as at the bad joke that the numbingly wide range of esthetic options in the "postmodern" era has become.