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The long hours, bad pay, and public scrutiny are no match for the emotional return of caring for those who can no longer care for themselves.
In terms of agriculture not paying well, talking with professionals within the industry in all varieties of career types and industry sectors, rarely will you hear bad pay being of concern.
Between one "deposit" and another, nothing resembles the dreams and disappointments of the American president except Olmert's "deposit", which he leaves to his successor : Final advice for peace, which is, like Bush's hopes, a bad pay check in a permanently open account for the favor of one side only.
We would test their resolve if it came to it, as we can't just keep standing for bad pay and conditions.
Not a bad pay day for such a weak case, particularly in light of photos showing Pierce perpetrating similarly offensive pranks on his colleagues.
Not bad pay for five or six games full of missed dunks and errant passes.