Bad Lands

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an eroded and barren region in southwestern South Dakota and northwestern Nebraska

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99) is something of a return to his roots as a writer of Westerns, for although updated to the 1930s and set in the bad lands of Oklahoma, this is basically a quickest-the-draw, US Marshals versus bank robbers yarn set to a "Duelling Banjo" soundtrack.
Mike's time in the bad lands of Liverpool inspired his first book, Chasing The Dragons, the story of his fight against the drug barons.
That is, unless they are hunting with a Split Series pack from Bad Lands.
These are places where you can enjoy yourself without wandering into the Bad Lands that are found in every large city.
Author Tony Wheeler has actually visited all the countries currently in the news--and his BAD LANDS thus is not just another travelogue, but the perfect choice for cultural insights for any who would understand either the cultures of the 'Axis of Evil' or travel conditions throughout.
Somewhere in Shropshire the traffic started to thin out, and tired, hungry and slightly bewildered we arrived at dusk at our cottage, shut the door and felt a million miles from the bad lands of the West Midlands.
The plot of the game is fine - you live outside the domed cities of the future, in the bad lands where life is tough, brutal and short, just like the inhabitants.