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Whole-genome sequencing of the 3 Bactrian camel HEV (BcHEV) strains (GenBank accession nos.
According to a local official, Iran is considered as the focal point of Bactrian camel genetics storage spot in the Middle East.
CAMEL FACTS LIFE EXPECTANCY: Between 40 and 50 years HEIGHT: Between 6ft and 7ft SPEED: Up to 40mph in short bursts WEIGHT: Bactrian up to 160st (1,000 kg), dromedaries up to 95st (600kg) HUMPS: Dromedary camels have one hump, Bactrian camels have two humps COLLECTIVE NOUN: Train
Samples of hair were obtained from five animal species from Giza Zoo, Giza, Egypt; a carnivore, American black bear (Ursus americanus), a primate, blue nile monkey (Cercopithecus mitis), and three artiodactyls, barbary sheep (Ammotracus lervia), bactrian camel (Camelus bactrianus) and llama (Lama glama) from four animal per species (two males and two females, respectively).
In Lost World, Frank Holt gives us a scholarly and accessible (his prose is fluid, his style lively) critical account of the evidence for the Bactrian kings.
Like phylogenetic tree constructed for Cyt-b, the wild Bactrian and Bactrian camel separated as another cluster.
Louvre Abu Dhabi's permanent collection, which has had some of its artwork already on display in Abu Dhabi and Paris through the Birth of the Museum exhibition, includes some outstanding pieces such as a standing Bactrian Princess from the end of the 3rd millennium BCE, a Middle-Eastern gold bracelet with lion heads, a painting by Osman Hamdy Bey from 1878, titled A Young Emir Studying and Paul Gauguin's painting Children Wrestling, 1888.
The roads get icy and the landscape varies between stark brown and white even as a herd of Bactrian camels grazes on the sparse brown grass.
Below, pupils from the Whitley Abbey Comprehensive School watch with amusement as teacher Bryan Stephenson take the hot seat on a young bactrian camel in September 1973
Seeklus' Bactrian camels will live to be 40 or 50 years old, and can reach 7.
Visitors will be able to explore artworks from ancient times including one of the finest examples of a standing Bactrian Princess from the end of the 3rd millennium BCE, a Middle-Eastern gold bracelet with a lion's head approximately 3000 years-old and a painting by Oman Hemdy Bey from the 1878, titled A Young Emir Studying and a painting by Paul Gauguin Children Wrestling from 1888.
When, in the late 1960s, iiber-collector Peter Ludwig discovered his passion for contemporary art--at the time, mainly for US Pop art--he acquired Graves's Kenya Dromedary and Mongolian Bactrian, both 1969, for his newly established Aachen museum, Neue Galerie Sammlung Ludwig.
As pastoralists attempt to increase their profits by expanding their goat herds, species such as the Bactrian camel, saiga, wild yak and snow leopard are being squeezed out of their natural habitats.
For the study, the team took blood from 50 camels from across Oman and another 105 in the Canary Islands, as well as llamas, alpacas, Bactrian camels, cattle, goats and sheep from the Netherlands, Chile and Spain.
The topics include differential object makings in Bactrian, the counterfactual mood in Iranian, syntactic and semantic properties of particle-converbs in Iron Ossetic, finite control in Persian, and the bilingual speech of highly proficient Persian-French speakers.