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type genus of Bacteroidaceae

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Tonzetich and McBride observed differences in intermediate sulfide metabolism between non-pathogenic strains of Bacteroides melaninogenicus var melaninogenicus (CP-) and pathogenic Bacteroides melaninogenicus (CP+)25 The CP+ strains, which produced collagenase and protease and caused the formation of abscesses when injected subcutaneously into the groins of guinea pigs, produced copious amounts of VSC, which consisted predominantly of CH3SH.
Beta]-Lactamase-producing organisms included Staphylococcus aureus (5), Bacteroides melaninogenicus (1), other Bacteroides species (1), and Hemophilus influenzae (1).
Owing to improvements in our ability to obtain and preserve anaerobic cultures, an increasing number of anaerobic bacteria have been isolated from PTA cultures, including Bacteroides fragilis and Bacteroides melaninogenicus, a common oral anaerobe.