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  • noun

Synonyms for backwater

isolated place


  • isolated place
  • backwoods
  • remote place
  • sleepy town
  • secluded spot

Words related to backwater

a body of water that was created by a flood or tide or by being held or forced back by a dam

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a place or condition in which no development or progress is occurring

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References in classic literature ?
I let other people pull up backwaters against strong streams now.
He is the sort of man we want round the backwaters now.
The river is sweetly pretty just there before you come to the gates, and the backwater is charming; but don't attempt to row up it.
Aloysius Doran, the Duchess of Balmoral, Lord Backwater, Lord Eustace and Lady Clara St.
And so you're still as ever enjoying your peaceful, quiet happiness," he said, smiling, "out of the reach of the current in your peaceful backwater.
It really is a peaceful backwater," said Katavasov; "while we in town think of nothing but the Servian war.
The nearest he ever got to meditation was a sort of trance-like state, a kind of suspended animation in which his mind drifted sluggishly like a log in a backwater.
However, knowing the rushy bank and the backwater on the other side to be a retired place, and feeling out of humour for noise or company, he crossed the bridge, and sauntered on: looking up at the stars as they seemed one by one to be kindled in the sky, and looking down at the river as the same stars seemed to be kindled deep in the water.
The 640m -long bridge across the backwaters would bring the west Kochi region nearer to mainland.
html) Stay still Break the rut and spend some time in these mystic backwaters What: An option where you slow down the pace of life, spend time exploring Kerala's quieter side with each other.
Serene waters & local cuisine will ensure you head back to the Kerala backwaters
Kumarakom, a scenic village known for the panoramic backwaters and houseboat journey, was the first tourist centre in the country to implement the responsible tourism initiative successfully.
Crystal River, the creek-fed backwaters south of Fort Island near Sandy Hook/Mullet Key, 29-53.
Backwaters are ponds linked directly to a river and can provide a valuable habitat for wildlife.
Backwaters are ponds linked directly to the river and provide a valuable habitat for wildlife.