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Synonyms for backup

Synonyms for backup

Synonyms for backup

an accumulation caused by clogging or a stoppage

someone who takes the place of another (as when things get dangerous or difficult)

a musical part (vocal or instrumental) that supports or provides background for other musical parts

(computer science) a copy of a file or directory on a separate storage device

the act of providing approval and support

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It is crucial to note that the only way to truncate transaction log under this recovery model is to make a transaction log backup copy.
creation of the private backup copy should not encumber in any way the normal exploitation of the work by copyright holders; and
Then place a check in the box next to Always create backup copy and click on OK.
This backup copy will be due several days after the official filing.
Backup Copy Jobs: Backup Copy jobs provide a simple yet powerful way to create and maintain copies of backups, which can be stored anywhere: onsite, offsite, or in Amazon cloud.
The backup copy must include at least the following parts
Remote backup can provide the primary backup copy or can provide a redundant copy of the data.
The Dantz system will be used to power Maxtor OneTouch, a feature that allows 5000 users to make a backup copy of important files on the 5000 drive at the touch of a button.
Hopefully, she also kept a backup copy, or had maintained off-site computer files.
Veeam FastSCP for VMware ESX Server is a fast and secure way to deliver ISO files to ESX Server or to make a backup copy of an existing virtual machine (VM).
There was no tape backup system in place, so creating a backup copy of critical data to store offsite or keep for the archives required burning up to 40 CDs.
Norton Ghost 2000 is designed to provide PC users and small businesses with the ability to quickly and easily set up a new PC and to create a backup copy of their existing hard disk.
Also, if the single-user license is silent about the purchaser's right to make a backup copy or adaptation, then making either of them for archival purposes or as an essential step in using the program on a machine should be permitted, since doing so is allowed under the Copyright Act.
Since a full backup took three days to complete, Tunghai University's application and web servers were vulnerable to any instance of data disruption, with a potential for huge data gaps during a recovery process, especially with the length of time between each full backup copy.